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Conklin Farms
Conklin Farms
Facility Type: Leanto Site
Capacity:16 persons
Location:The Delaware River
GNYC Unit Rate: $60
Other BSA Rate: $60

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The Conklin Farms leanto site represents an attractive opportunity to units, primarily because of its proximity to the Delaware River, and amazing view. The site includes 4 leantos located on top of a hill overlooking the Delaware River, providing direct access to enter and exit the river. Many units make use of the site as a convenient place to stop while canoeing down the river. Conklin Farms also has a substantial amount of space for tents as well.

Whether or not canoeing is involved, Conklin Farms is an excellent site for a medium to large unit's Spring and Fall camping trips. It is located near the end of an access road, providing privacy and self-contained operations. The famous TMR Red Dot Trail, which connects the entire reservation, passes by the Conklin Farms site, making it an excellent place to stop while hiking along the trail.

Facility Attributes
Running WaterNo
Cots & MattressesNo
Vehicle AccessYes
Gas HeatNo
Wood-Burning StoveNo
Kitchen StoveNo
Kitchen OvenNo
Restroom Type: Latrine

The water source for this site is a stand-pipe that tends to be a bit sulfurous. It is best to plan to purify water before use.

Note: All Ten Mile River facilities are completely closed to visitors during the Sullivan County Hunting Season each year. Typically, this season spans the end of November and the beginning of December. If you are interested in visiting TMR during this time period, call the reservations hotline to ensure that the weekend when you would like to come is not during hunting season.

Note: Due to weather conditions, this site is only available between April 15 and November 15.

Facility Photos
Conklin Farms
Conklin Farms
Conklin Farms
Conklin Farms
Large Clearing Suitable for Tenting
Large Clearing Suitable for Tenting
Direct Access to the Delaware River
Direct Access to the Delaware River
View of the Delaware River from the Campsite
View of the Delaware River from the Campsite
The Delaware River
The Delaware River
The Delaware River
The Delaware River
Conklin Farms Latrine
Conklin Farms Latrine

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