Trek: Program Details

TEN MILE RIVER TREK PROGRAM:  This five-day High Adventure is one of the most invigorating, challenging, and memorable experiences that TMR has to offer. The trek is specifically designed for the older youth who have “done it all.” Over the course of the trek, you will learn about backpacking, canoeing, wilderness survival, climbing and orienteering skills if you so choose. Depending on the specifics of your trek, you may be eligible to earn the 50 Miler, Climb On Safely, and Red Dot Trail Awards.

REQUIREMENTS: To sign up for the trek, your troop or crew must have two adult leaders and 5-12 trekkers depending upon type trek. Participants must be older Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers who are at least age 13 by camp, or who have completed the 7th grade. Additionally, a member of the trek should bring their current certifications in CPR for the Professional Rescuer and Wilderness First Aid to camp with them. Leave No Trace trainer is also encouraged. Available Options: The following pages outline some ready-made options for your unit to select to make the most out of our new outpost programs and still give your Trek the option of some fun on the River. You can start from this program or from scratch and tell us what individual items you want to participate it. Most groups have indicated that they are preparing for Philmont or another High Adventure program and want to participate in the Shake Down and first day with their Outpost Director and then use their skills and the map to get to where they are going. It is possible to walk out of Camp Aquehonga on Sunday and not come back into a camp until Friday afternoon. Others want a little more day to day guidance and are looking for someone to accompany them throughout their trip and may want to come into a camp for a specific program or to visit the trading post. Please let our Trek Staff know what you want and we will work to make your experience the best that we can for your week with us.

STAFF: Our Outpost Staff will be made up of 18+ year old staff members who have experience in the outdoors. The Outpost Staff or Adventure Guides will go through a thorough Shake Down with each Trek Group Sunday evening in Camp Aquehonga to ensure that each group has the individual and group gear that they need, packed the right way, to facilitate their Trek. After eating breakfast and packing up Monday morning the Adventure Guide will escort the Trek Crew to their outpost area. After running their program at the outposts, the staff member will stay at their outpost overnight with the Trek group, wake them up, enjoy breakfast, and then help them get on their way, all guides will escort Trek crews via kayaks on Friday river trips as scheduled. Each Adventure Guide will have First Aid Training and complete BSA Lifeguard Course.

Emergency and Medical Protocols:
•Outposts will have an Adventure Guide with appropriate credentials. Adventure guides will
hike with crews on Sunday and Monday and stay at the outpost area when a Trek is present.
•All Adventure Guide’s will have a radio and ample batteries.
•Outposts will have posted forms listing the closest emergency numbers, nearest camps, and
radio call numbers and protocols.

•Outposts will have well stocked first aid kits and a defined emergency action plan detailing
which camp staff medical officer is the first point of contact and which local emergency
services are closest to that outpost.
•Protocol will dictate that Outpost Guides interview and check on the wellbeing of all arriving
participants and record or report anything out of the ordinary.
•All participants will be required to a completed and meet the standards of the BSA medical
•Upon check-in all participants will complete BSA swimmers test
•All participants will be issued neon bandanas for visibility and identification
•Participants will take a photo prior to departure (for ID and as part of program “before & after”)
•Outposts will have nearby vehicle access and a staff member’s vehicle
•Trails will be marked. At key points of concern trails will be labeled with signage.

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BSA Medical Form Download
Hold-A-Place Form - Trek Download
Program Fees and Dates 2019 Download
Sample Trek Schedule.pdf Sample schedule for TMR Trek Download
TMR Trek Guide Guide to the Ten Mile River Trek Download