Aquehonga: Program- Special Activities

In addition to the traditional merit badge program, Camp Aquehonga offers a variety specialty programs. All Scouts, from the most experienced Junior Leader to the newest member of your troop, will find something exciting happening in camp.


Evening Programs

Each night, after Merit Badge program is over, there will be one featured activity available to all campers. Check out when each activity happens below.

Sunday - Merit Badge/Program Find-Out & Opening Campfire

  • Highlights of the camp’s program will be displayed by area in and around the John Williamson Pavilion on Sunday evening at 7:30 p.m. Scouts and leaders will get an overview of what every area has to offer as well as special programs that are available. Scouts will also find out about the merit badges they will take during the week and Senior Patrol Leaders can sign up for specific program opportunities with individual area directors.
  • Immediately after the Find-Out and the Leader's Meeting, the week officially kicks off with the Opening Campfire. Here you can meet the staff and start you week off with lots of fun, entertainment, and inspiration.


Monday - Movie Night

  • Come watch a movie on the big screen at our own "Theater in the Pines", the Shawn E. Bowman Jr. Amphitheater


Tuesday - Camp-wide Game

  • The entire camp will gather on the Pool Field for an exciting Camp-wide Game. Will it be a Scavenger Hunt, Camp-wide Clue, or maybe capture the Counselor? Our game changes from week to week, so you'll have to show up to find out!


Wednesday - Ice Cream Social

  • The Order of the Arrow Lodges of GNYC will sponsor an Ice Cream Social at the John Williamson Pavilion that is sure to be filled with fun, food, and fellowship.


Thursday - Scoutmaster/SPL vs. Staff Softball Game

  • Relive Field of Dreams as the camp assembles on Barta Field for this highly anticipated game. All Scoutmasters and Senior Patrol Leaders are encouraged to come down with their gloves and step up to the plate against one of the best staff teams on the reservation. See the Field Sports Director to sign up to play, or to volunteer to lead as a Scoutmaster/SPL Captain.


Friday - BBQ and Closing Campfire

  • Friday nights dinner will be a BBQ prepared for our units.  Once again, the Shawn E. Bowman Jr. Amphitheater is the place to be as we cap off the week. In this campfire, the troops in camp will show off your their best songs, skits and cheers. Take this opportunity to reflect on your week and challenge yourself for the scouting year ahead. Senior Patrol Leaders, make sure to bring your troop’s program items to the Wednesday afternoon SPL Roundtable.


Week in Review

  • Each week on Friday evening after the campfire, we will show a video recap of the events for the week. Campers will have an opportunity to relive the good times they had at camp that week. The recap will be shown outside the services building.


Dunk the Counselor

  • A definite hit in past seasons, units will once again have the opportunity to challenge the staff member of their choice to a display of fire building skill. Scouts work as a patrol/troop to quickly build a fire, burn the string and drench the counselor. The program takes place in the Scoutcraft area on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7:45 p.m. Don’t forget, however, that all Dunk the Counselor challenges must be made at one of the two daily camp wide flag ceremonies!
  • Troops that wish to challenge a staff member shall come to the morning or evening flag ceremony Monday through Thursday to issue a challenge.
  • Troops may only challenge one (1) staff member per flag ceremony.
  • Troops shall have two (2) minutes to successfully build and light their fire and burn the string. If the string breaks in less than two minutes, a bucket of water will come down on the counselor's head. After two minutes the counselor has the right to leave the Dunk the Counselor Area.
  • Troops shall come prepared with wood and matches, no lighters are allowed to be used.
  • Only wood may be used. Paper, plastics, liquid fuels, leaves, pine needles, etc. are not permitted.
  • Wood may not be piled higher than the designated mark on the string rigging.
  • Only two scouts are allowed to feed the fire at one time.


Biking Overnighters / Nature Biking Overnighter

  • Older Scouts looking for something new and exciting to do in the evening? How about taking an overnight biking trip to a remote part of the camp? You’ll pack everything you need in your backpack and cycle saddle bags. While there, members of our nature and biking staffs will spend the night with your group enjoying the calm, pleasant atmosphere and learning more about our beautiful reservation. Trips will leave around 5:00 p.m. and return the following morning before reveille. See the Program Director to sign up.


Camp-wide Flag Ceremonies

  • As a service to the camp, each morning and evening a different unit will raise and lower the colors on the Pool Field. Other troops are welcome to attend. Sign up at the Sunday Leader’s Meeting.


OA Day

  • The Order of the Arrow is Scouting’s National Honor Society. Two of its main goals are to promote camping and to provide service to our council’s camps. Wednesday is OA day. Brothers in camp are encouraged to wear their sashes to program and at the Wednesday Night BBQ. At 1:15 p.m., all are invited to meet in front of the Services Building to participate in an OA Day service project. At 4:30 p.m., all Unit Leaders with culinary expertise are asked to meet in front of the Services building to assist in preparing for the Camp-wide BBQ. In the evening, the OA lodges of GNYC will be sponsoring an Ice Cream Social at the John Williamson Pavilion. All are invited to come down and enjoy some food, fun, and fellowship.


TMR Outpost Programs

  • Quality merit badge programming is only one small part of the Ten Mile River experience. The Reservation and each camp also offers a number of Outpost Programming opportunities. These programs are of interest to your younger and older Scouts alike. Don't miss out on these incredible programs which are often the highlights of a Scout's stay in camp!