Aquehonga: Contact Info

If you have any questions, or if you would like to make a reservation for camp, please contact our Camping Services Department.

[Prior to July 1st, all key staff members are available via email. Afterwards, each can be reached during the summer camp season at the Camp Office]

 Aquehonga Main Office  845-252-2023  e-mail
 Camp Director: Anthony Allison  845-252-2024  e-mail
 Assistant Camp Director: Anthony Zalak  845-252-2081  e-mail
Program Director: Tom McNamee 845-252-2077 e-mail
 Camp Aquehonga Ranger: Louis Farragher  845-252-2009  e-mail
 Summer Camp Information & Reservations  212-651-3073  e-mail
 Short-Term Camping Information & Reservations  212-651-3077  e-mail
 GNYC Camping Services Department  212-651-3073  e-mail
 GNYC Camping Services Department - Fax  212-242-5476  
 Ten Mile River Scout Camps - HQ Office  845-252-2000  
 Ten Mile River Scout Camps - HQ Fax  845-252-3690  
 TMR Weekend Check-In (HQ Trading Post)  845-252-2011  
 TMR Rangers Maintenance Shop  845-252-2009  
 Info on Volunteering & Donations to Camp  845-252-2085  e-mail