Aquehonga: Area- Field Sports

Barta Field is home to the Aquehonga Sports area. This sports complex has all the elements to keep the sports-minded athlete busy. Activities range from challenging target archery, rifle and skeet shooting to the grueling obstacle course (which requires staff supervision). The well-groomed soccer, softball and volleyball fields boast to be the finest in TMR. The area staff provides sports equipment or you may bring your own personal gear. Our Sports area is also home to our Mountain Biking Program.


Merit Badges


  • Personal Fitness: Looking to continue your journey to Eagle and become more fit along the way? Personal Fitness challenges Scouts to maintain and work towards completing a long-term exercise plan while learning about how to become more fit across all aspects of their daily life. *EAGLE REQUIRED* *PRE-REQUISITE #1, 7, and 8 REQUIRED*
  • Sports: Take part in all kinds of various sports and events over the course of the week! Scouts will explore how to stay healthy and fit during a sporting season while maintaining a balanced level of nutrition! *PRE-REQUISITE #4 and 5 REQUIRED*
  • Athletics: Come down to practice and improve your ability in different physical areas while exploring sports, teammates, and officiating! *PRE-REQUISITE #3, 5, and 6b REQUIRED*
  • Fishing: Scouts will learn the art and the sport of fishing including the use of the equipment, how to cast, tie knots, as well as the area’s rules and regulations. They will also be required to catch two different species of fish over the course of the week.


Camp-wide Programs:


  • Camp-wide Challenges: Think your troop is the best of the best at any sport or competition? Want to prove it to the entire camp? Come down and see the Sports Director to challenge any troop and battle for ultimate supremacy! If you and your troop are feeling exceptionally confident challenge the Staff for the ultimate test of your Troop's ability!

  • Mountain Biking: The TMR Mountain Bike program is available to all Scouts 12 years of age or older or who have completed the 6th grade. 2:00 - 3:15 p.m. or 3:30 - 4:45 p.m.