Ten Mile River: Weekend Check Out

Please set a time with the Campmaster or Duty Ranger when your unit intentds to Checkout.  A member of the camp staff will inspect your site to insure that it is left in good condition for the next unit to use. The following items should be completed:


  • Area should be clean.  Discard papers or debris in or around site
  • Latrine should be cleaned
  • All gas appliances shut off (heater, lamps & stove)*
  • Windows and doors closed*
  • Kitchen should be cleaned*
  • Floors should be swept & mopped*

* Cabins only

When a Campmaster or a Ranger has checked out your site, you will be given an all clear to leave.

All units should plan on departing camp by 3pm. Please contact the Duty Ranger to arrange for an extra day’s stay or a late departure.