Ten Mile River: Health Services


Medical Examination

Each Scout and Leader must have a medical examination by a physician prior to arrival at camp. Admission to camp is contingent on a satisfactory medical record. Also, all attendees must have a current Scout membership card, except for parents serving as assistant camp leaders. The camp is not prepared to conduct medical examinations. Under New York State Law, Scouts cannot be admitted into camp without completed medical forms. Physicals must have an immunization history, with inoculation dates, in order to be valid. Scoutmasters should collect and inspect these forms at least a week before departing for camp. Physicals will not be given at camp. Scouts or leaders who arrive without a record of their physical exam will be sent home. Note: Do not mail these medical forms to the Council Office, but rather bring them with you to camp personally. Don’t forget to bring completed medicals for adult leaders as well.

Medical Forms

The Boy Scouts of America and the New York State Health Department requires all individuals who will be staying in camp for 24 or more hours to have a medical form on-file. Click here for more information about the required medical form, and to download a copy.

The Health Lodge

A fully equipped medical lodge is provided at camp. A nurse or trained first aid person is on duty at all times. Persons with serious injuries or illness requiring hospitalization will be transported to Wayne County Memorial Hospital, where we have an advance agreement for treatment. Report all health problems and injuries to the camp office first!


Unit Leaders should ensure that anybody who uses prescription medications brings enough to camp for their entire stay. All medications must be in their original containers. While at camp, all medications must be held by the camp health officer and will be disbursed by qualified medical personnel. Emergency medication, such as heart medication, inhalers and bee sting pens will be the only exceptions.


Please make a point of knowing which of your Scouts have allergies or other special health conditions. Please make sure that these are noted on the Scout’s Medical Form.

Emergency Contacts

Be sure to obtain at least three emergency contact names and phone numbers for each of your Scouts. Keep this directory in case the Scout’s parent or primary contact cannot be reached. Remember to get phone numbers which will be valid during camp. For example, if a Scout’s parents will be visiting relatives during your time at camp, get the phone number for the relatives in addition to the Scout’s home phone number.

First Aid Situations

All First Aid Situations must be brought to the attention of the camp office immediately. Send two Scouts as runners if you are not sure that it is safe to move the injured person. 

File Name Description
BSA Medical Form Medical form required for all Scouts and leaders. Download
Meningitis Info Sheet Download
Meningitis Response Form Download
Over The Counter Medications Allowing for distribution of standard OTC medication Download
Unit Pre-medical Recheck Checklist Download