Ten Mile River: Medical Forms


Effective 2010, the official Boy Scout Medical Form came into compliance with the New York State Department of Health requirements (as long as it is accompanied by the additional Over-the-Counter Medication Form referenced below, for campers under 18 years of age). As such, TMR will be using the Official Boy Scout Medical Form for all its participants. Units can feel free to download the new, official BSA form and duplicate them as needed. (Note: It is highly recommended that units make their own copies of completed medical forms before submitting the originals to the Camp Medical Officer.)

Beginning with the 2011 Summer Camp Season, all campers under the age of 18 are required to have a specific "Individualized Medication Orders" form which details any Over-the-Counter medications that may be required. This is a requirement from the NY State Department of Health, so no exceptions can be made. This form is bundled in the download with the official BSA Medical Forms below.


Requirement for Campers Attending for more than One Week

Late in 2003 the New York State Public Health Law (NYS PHL) was amended, requiring overnight children’s camps to distribute information about meningococcal disease and vaccination to the parents or guardians of all campers who attend camp for more than one week. Parents or guardians of these campers are also required to complete a separate Meningitis Response Form.

If the Scout will be attending camp for ONLY ONE WEEK:
Download a copy of the Official BSA Medical Form
If the Scout will be attending camp for MORE THAN ONE WEEK:
Download a copy of the Expanded Official BSA Medical Form w/Meningitis Response Form
This download includes the TMR Medical Form, and the required Meningitis Response Form.


State-Mandated Meningococcal Disease Information 

For reference, the Meningitis Response Form bundled with the expanded medical form above, as well as some additional information on Meningococcal Disease is also available here for independent download.

TMR Meningitis Response Form
NYS DOH Meningococcal Disease Information Sheet


Anyone staying in camp for more than twenty-four hours must have a completed Medical Form. This is a requirement of both the Boy Scouts of America and the state Health Department. The form must be filled in completely and must be signed by a physician licensed to practice medicine and by the parents of minors. No exceptions can or will be made!


Medical Recheck

All those attending camp will have to go through a medical recheck process in which the Camp Medical Officer will review medicals and speak to the campers and leaders individually. At this point all medications taken by the scouts will be handed over to the Camp Medical Officer and they will receive information on when to come to the office and take their medications.


Pre-Medical Recheck Checklist - For Unit Leaders

In an effort to help streamline and speed up the NY State-mandated medical recheck process for all registered campers and leaders, the TMR Medical Staff has developed a checklist that many unit leaders will find very helpful. Unit leaders are encouraged to download this checklist prior to coming to camp, and use it to make sure that all unit members (youth and adults) are properly prepared, and have all the necessary documentation and signatures prior to arriving at medical recheck on Sunday. Without a doubt, missing and incomplete information are the two most common causes of medical recheck difficulties, so taking a few preparatory steps will help the process move along as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Unit Pre-Medical Recheck Checklist Form for Unit Leaders


The Complete Medical Record

In previous years, incomplete or incorrectly filled out medical forms have caused problems at check-in time. Please take the time to collect and inspect all your unit’s medical forms well before your arrival at camp to avoid these unnecessary problems. The Staff member who does the medical recheck will look for the following items:

  1. Is there a physician’s signature?
  2. Is the Physician’s evaluation and advice section filled out?
  3. Has the physical examination been done within the last 12 months? See “Expiration” below.
  4. Are the name, address and emergency contact information completely accurate?
  5. Is the form signed by the parent of anyone under the age of 18?
  6. Are all the immunization lines filled out with dates of shots clearly indicated?
  7. Are all the communicable disease lines filled out?
  8. Has the parent or applicant filled out the health history section, with serious health conditions noted?

Please inform parents of these criteria, check the medicals of your Scouts and resolve any questions before leaving for camp.



Under State law, the medical form must have been completed within one year of the end of your camp stay. For example, if your unit will be at camp from July 6 to July 13, 2004, the form must have been completed by your doctor on or after July 13, 2003 (and not July 6!)


Health and Accident Insurance

Limited health and accident insurance is provided for all Scouts, leaders and parents. In order to ensure coverage, all campers (youth and adults) must appear on the unit’s check-in roster. All youth and adults must be registered Scouts, Scouters, or immediate family members.

File Name Description
BSA Medical Form Medical form required for all Scouts and leaders. Download
Meningitis Info Sheet Download
Meningitis Response Form Download
Over The Counter Medications Allowing for distribution of standard OTC medication Download
Unit Pre-medical Recheck Checklist Download