Keowa: Resources- Pre-Camp Planning

Leaders Meeting
On Sunday afternoon there will be a Leaders Meeting in the Dining Hall. At least one Leader from each unit should attend. Not only is it an opportuntity to meet some of the Staff, but the Camp Director will outline several key activities and all emergency procedures. It is essential that each unit have a representative at this meeting.

Sunday Night BBQ
Each Sunday night Camp Ranachqua has the infamous chicken BBQ. Parents are welcome to join us at the BBQ, all we ask is that you call ahead and let us know how many extra people we will be feeding. The cost is $5/adult and $2/child. Call 845-252-2038 or 2039 to make your reservations!

After the BBQ on Sunday night, Troops will have an opportunity to visit each of the program areas at camp and learn a little about what badges are offered and at what times, as well as any special activities that may be going on during the week at that particular area. This also gives the Scouts (and Leaders!) an opportunity to learn where each program area is located.

Position Name Telephone
Camping Manager Marcelle Grant (212) 651-3073 Email
Camping Reservation Manager Hedy DeBonet (212) 651-3077 Email