Keowa: Area- Mountain Biking

Welcome to Mountain Biking - for those scouts that love High Adventure. Our bikes are located down the road past Reid Field at the Biking Center behind the basketball court.

A mountain biking trip can be set up for your troop through the Program Director. There are many options for your troop depending on what kind of trip you want to run. Our staff can show you some great trails - some that take only an hour if you want to keep it short. We also offer more exciting trips for those who wish to go on longer trips. You may also schedule to use the bikes in conjunction with your scheduled Lakeside visit - a great trip of a long biking course through miles of woods, (or a short trip if you'd prefer) and circling back to end up at Lakeside.

Our newest program running is the extremely fun Pedal Cart program. A great alternative for the young and old alike. Schedule the pedal carts with the Program Director, or come through during evening Spirit Program!