Keowa: Program

Remember, the primary goal of summer camp is to strengthen troops and provide opportunities for activities which are not normally available. The camp staff exists to serve your troop, and to help your Scouts get the best possible experience at camp.  We encourage each troop to carefully plan their week at camp to maximize their stay and make the best use of the program schedule. 

Merit Badge Information

  • Requirements- Merit Badge requirements are as stated in the current edition of the BSA Advancement Requirements Book or Merit Badge Pamphlet. It is important that each troop set out an individual plan for each Scout well in advance of camp, taking into account prerequisites and the abilities of each boy.
  • Prerequisites- The Keowa staff takes pride in the fact that all skills learned at camp are truly mastered. Therefore we feel that there is no reason any requirement can be waived simply because it cannot be completed at camp. Under these conditions some badges will require work to be completed prior to the week at camp. Please see the Merit Badge Schedule
  • Sign Ups- A Troop must register all their Scouts for Merit Badge classes prior to arrival at camp usnig our online camp manangement sysytem (click login on the top right corner of this website)  no paper Blue Cards will be accepted, all advencment is tracked in our system. 
  • Records- Records will be available in each program area during the course of the day. Leaders are encourage to check these records as necessary. Merit Badge cards will be returned in the Leaders' folders at the end of the week.
  • Partials- Partial completion of badges will be given where appropriate. Partials are may be completed before the Scout has reached his 18th birthday.


  • Modified Open Program- Recognizing that each Scout troop has different advancement needs, Camp Keowa follows a modified open program schedule for skill instruction and Merit Badge work. Please see the Merit Badge Schedule for full details on the program.
  • Goals- Care should be taken in setting goals that are attainable for each individual Scout. It should also be noted that many badges require some time outside of regular Merit Badge classes to be sure to schedule plenty of "free time" in each Scout's itinerary, if needed.
  • Review- A review of a Scout's personal advancement desires and needs is encouraged by early June. During these planning sessions you and your Scouts can plan and set the degree of difficulty that is appropriate to each Scout. Here your guidance is crucial in setting the tone for camp.