Keowa: Area- Trail to Eagle

Trail to Eagle Program – In response to numerous requests for “more Eaglerequired
merit badges” Camp Keowa will continue to maintain our excellent
customer service reputation through the development of a new program area: Trail
to Eagle. Run by our most dedicated, skilled, and knowledgeable staff, this area will
offer your Scouts an opportunity to begin or continue work on many of the badges
they will need to advance to the highest rank in Scouting: Eagle. We are proud to
offer: Communications, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation,
Citizenship in the World, Personal Management, Emergency Preparation, and
Family Life.

Participation in the Trail to Eagle program will require participants to register for
this specialty camp, with a fee of $460, or $430 if paid by May 1. In addition to all
standard camp program, Trail to Eagle campers will have:

• Access to register for any of the above badges

• Participate in special nightly seminars on the Eagle process, mock Eagle
boards of review, planning/executing an Eagle project, and more.

We want to allow Scouts to easily earn merit badges. After returning home from
camp, when a Scout who participated in Trail to Eagle completes a requirement,
they can attach the required documentation and email it to ketrailtoeagle@tenmileriver.
org. Once we receive their requirements, we will issue them a “complete” for
the badge, allowing them to download their blue card from our online camp management
system. This will aid Scouts on their “Trail to Eagle” without having to
find a qualified merit badge counselor in their area.

Please note: most of these merit badges cannot be completed at camp. Scouts
should be sure to look at the prerequisites listed for these badges to ensure they are
completed before camp,