Ranachqua: Program- Special Activities

Sunday Night Campfire
The Camp Ranachqua Staff opens every week with a hilariously funny campfire at our Council Ring. Parents are welcome to attend the campfire if they would like to stick around camp Sunday evening.

Polar Bear Swim
Scouts are encouraged to come down to the waterfront at 6:30 A.M. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, to start their day with some aerobics and a dip in the lake. Friday the scouts may even get to see some of their favorite staff memembers tossed into the lake. Completion of this fun program makes Scouts elegible to receive a special Camp Ranachqua Polar Bear patch. 

Monday following dinner Scouts and leaders may participate in an interfaith service held at our beautiful chappel on the lake. All are invited to join the choir and sing-a-long. 

FCA Campfire
On Monday night a special campfire just for First Year Campers has been developed. We encourage all First Year Scouts to attend!

Camp-Wide Games
Tuesday night after dinner troops will compete in a variety of events, hosted by every area in camp. The contest culminates in The Ranachqua Tug-of-War on the parade field at 8pm. The winner of the Camp-Wide Games will get their troop number on Lord Zaza's Cup.

Cooking Mega-Event
Wednesday afternoon is home to one of Camp Ranachqua's most esteemed events- the Cooking Mega-Event hosted by our Scout Skills staff. Scouts learn a wide array of cooking techniques and methods to take back to their Troops, all while enjoying excellent food.

DIY Ranachqua Regatta
Scouts are invited to participate in a boat race Thursday night. This is no normal boat race; these crafts are built by each troop in their site, using found objects (including but not limited to- water coolers, cots, tarps, trunks, and containers).

Astronomy Night Sessions
Scouts taking Astronomy Merit Badge are required to attened 3 hours of night observations. These sessions are open to all scouts. If the weather allows these will take place as two 90-minute classes begining at 10 P.M.; any changes during the week will be announced at dinner.