Ranachqua: Program- Awards & Certifications

Awards & Certifications

William T. Hornaday Awards
Available through our Nature Lodge, the Hornaday Awards are some of the rarest and most prestigious in all of scouting.  

"Dr. William T. Hornaday, an ardent conservationist, established this awards program to recognize Scouts who undertook and completed truly exceptional conservation projects. Earning one is hard work—it is supposed to be—but it's worth it." (scouting.org)
Scouts who plan to attempt to earn the Hornaday medal should begin by submiting an application

Totin' Chip
The Totin' Chip certification is important for young Scouts to earn, as it enables them to use knives and other woods tools. Totin' Chip is offered at our Scout Skills area and as part of our FCA program.

Firem'n Chip
Available in our Scout Skills area and via the FCA program, the Firem'n Chip certification allows Scouts to carry matches and build campfires.

Paul Bunyan Woodsman Award
The Paul Bunyan Woodsman is earned through our Scout Skills area. The focus of the award is knowledge and proper use of tools such as: axes, saws, knives, and hatchets.

BSA Lifeguard
Those Scouts 15 and up, as well as adult leaders, that complete the BSA Lifeguard training course will be fully certified Lifeguards by the end of their week in camp.
*Requirement 6 (Show evidence of current training in American Red Cross First Aid and American Red Cross CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer or equivalent) CPR training should be viewed as a prerequisite and completed prior to camp. Scouts may show their certification card to the Aquatics Director to fulfill this requirement.

50 Miler Award
This award is presented to Scouts that complete a trip of at least 50 miles: backpacking, canoeing, or boating. The route must take a minimum of five days to complete. At Camp Ranachqua this is attainable through the Ten Mile River Trek