Ranachqua: Area- Climbing Tower

Camp Ranachqua is devoted to offering new and exciting experiences to the many troops that spend their summers with us. The Climbing Wall is one of the many areas that offer scouts the chance to challenge themselves in a unique way. The area boasts 34 feet of vertical wall to climb, rappel, belay and learn the many skills required to keep scouts safe and happy. Not only does climbing build strength and physical conditioning, but it also helps to build focus and confidence as scouts learn to trust themselves with the important challenges that await them at The Wall. Although we only offer one merit badge, it is one of the best and most enjoyable badges offered at Ranachqua! Unfortunately due to restrictions, we must apply a strict rule of requiring our climbers to be 13 years of age or have completed the seventh grade. Our staff is one of the most qualified, skilled and experienced staff of any scout camp, and is waiting to offer you an amazing program!


Advancement Programs:

The Climbing Staff is ready to offer their expert guidance in teaching and developing a Scout's climbing skills. If you're interested, age 13 or older, or have completed the 7th grade, then the Climbing Program is the challenge you've been looking for!


Merit Badges


  • Climbing: If you are interested in climbing and want to learn everything you could ever want to know about it, then our merit badge class is the one for you! Learn many climbing techniques as well as the necessary belay and rappel techniques to get you up and down our wall. There's no limit to the information and activities we can supply so more advanced challenges can be offered to scouts who excel at the badge. *AGE LIMIT: 13 and up or completion of the 7th grade*


Training Programs


  • Climb On Safely: Offered for leaders who are interested in taking their scouts on a climbing outing. The certification will teach you everything you need to be aware of in order to ensure the safety of your scouts. We also teach some hands-on basics for leaders who are interested.


Camp-wide Programs:


  • Open Climb: Looking for the opportunity to learn some climbing basics, or perhaps further advance your skills but don't have time for the Climbing Merit Badge? Then come down to open climb! There is a session held every day at different times depending on the week your Troop is attending so check the Merit Badge Schedules for more details!
  • Bouldering: Are you under the age of 13 and bummed that you can't climb the tower? Don't worry because we specifically offer a bouldering program that allows the younger scouts to get on the wall and learn of the skills! Although we remove the heights and the majority of the equipment, bouldering still offers challenging and rewarding opportunities for all of our campers.
  • Camp-wide Games: Want to go up against some of Ranachqua's best climbers in a challenging competition for climbing supremacy? Then come down Tuesday Night to compete as part of Camp-wide Games!