Ranachqua: Area- Handicraft

The Ranachqua Handicraft Lodge has been a gateway for Scouts who are experiencing Ranachqua for the first time for years. Our Handicraft Director, Lola Kusumoto, has worked at Ranachqua since 1987 and, with her staff, delivers one of the most challenging, rewarding and educational Handicraft Programs in the entire country. Scouts develop skills in the fields of Leatherwork, Basketry and Woodcarving and also have the opportunity to learn about Art and Indian Lore. Scouts work hard on completing their projects and leave Ranachqua at the end of the week with both a keepsake to hold on to, and new experience to cherish.


Merit Badges

Please Note: Most Handicraft Merit Badges require that a Scout purchase additional supplies so that they may use them to complete the badge. These items are always available in out Trading Post, or for purchase directly from Lola. The additional costs are noted in the descriptions

  • Leatherwork: Scouts are required to learn the finesse involved with the process of utilizing Leatherworking tools such as dies and cements. Scouts will work on several projects involving the process of tooling leather as well as learn the history and the importance of Leatherwork and the Leatherworking process. *Approximate Cost: $7.00*
  • Basketry: Scouts work with the Staff to develop the skills of basketry as they work to create a full-sized stool and several baskets. They will learn various techniques and materials used in the process of basket-making. *Approximate Cost: $18.00*
  • Wood Carving: Scouts combine, finesse and skill to create finely carved items from various starting materials. They learn the proper care, use and safe handling of woodworking tools and work to create several keepsakes as a trophy of their work. *Approximate Cost: $3.00**
  • Art: Scouts are given a complete overview of the diverse field of art. Scouts will experiment with different media and create several different projects of their own! *Approximate Cost: $6.00*
  • Indian Lore: Native American culture is fascinating and intricate. Scouts who choose to take Indian Lore will work with histories of various Native American tribes and work to create recreations or houses, games, and other key elements of Native American Culture! *Approximate Cost: $6.00*


Camp-wide Programs:


  • Open Craft: Scouts and Leaders are given the opportunity to come down to the Lodge and work on any kind of craft under the instruction of our Handicraft staff!
  • Leader Volunteers: The Handicraft Staff is always looking for any volunteers to come and assist Scouts as they work to complete their projects to earn their badges! Any help would be greatly appreciated!