Ranachqua: Program- Project LEAF

The Project LEAF program is designed for the new Scout who just crossed over from Cub Scouting or the 11 year old who is coming to camp for the first time and is not yet First Class. The program is designed to complete most of the requirements for Tenderfoot and Second Class and many of the requirements for First Class, but to the extent possible, can be tailored to fit the needs of the individual unit and patrol. The program is meant to be the transitional program to help your youth understand the patrol method, learn basic scout skills, and experience the many other programs of summer camp.


  • Participating scouts will spend the week in small patrol sized classes learning a foundation of Souting skills and "how to be a scout" while ticking off many requirements toward TenderfootSecond Class, or First Class rank advancment


  • Time will be allotted for Scouts to experience the free time camp activities offered throughout the week


  • LEAF Base Camp is now in an established location near the archery range but scouts will gather on the parade field and walk up with their dedicated staff patrol leader.


  • Staff will keep track of rank advancement requierments but It is up to each Unit Leader to decide whether or not that alone satisfies the requirement for advancement, and thus warrants your signature in the Scout Handbook. You may choose to do additional testing to confirm the skills taught. We leave this to the discretion of each Leader. 


  • Scouts will have the coice of a number of entry level Merit Badges that will be integrated into the LEAF program


  • As always, the LEAF Campfire will be Monday after Vespers. This event is separate from our regular campfire and features some of our most loved skits and songs for the new scouts to enjoy.