Ranachqua: Area- Scout Skills

Where can you find: Rope Bridges, Pioneering Towers, Camp Gadgets, Maps, Compasses, Survival Shelters, and the highest concentration of fire pits in camp? Scout Skills! Camp Ranachqua's Scoutcraft program offers the full spectrum of skills that every Boy Scout needs. Offering six merit badges and the widest array of extra-curricular programs in camp, Scout Skills has it all! Everything from a 5-Mile hike through three of the Ten Mile River Reservation's beautiful camps, a 1-Mile Orienteering course that leads scouts through the depths of Ranachqua's wilderness, an Overnighter in an abandoned campsite! Boasting an experienced and passionate staff, Scout Skills is armed and ready with miles of rope, dozens of Dutch ovens, and enough tent stakes to ensure that every scout makes the most of his stay in Camp Ranachqua.


Advancement Programs:


Merit Badges

  • Camping: Camping is Scout Skills' fundamental merit badge. Scouts are instructed in the art of outdoor living through camp-cooking, backpacking, Leave No Trace principles, and more. All Scouts taking the badge attend the overnighter at the abandoned lean-to site Frontier Village, where they'll set up tents, gather 'round the campfire, and cook their own breakfast. *EAGLE REQUIRED* *PRE-REQUISITE #9a and 9b REQUIRED*
  • First Aid: Scouts taking First Aid merit badge will learn all facets of health, safety, and first response medical treatment. CPR instruction and Hurry Case Scenarios in conjunction with Stretcher Races and Bandage Relays make the perfect combination of lifesaving information and fun for everyone. *EAGLE REQUIRED* *PRE-REQUISITE #1 REQUIRED*
  • Pioneering: Knots, lashing, splices, and all manners of backwoods engineering, Pioneering merit badge gives scouts the opportunity and knowledge to design and create bridges, towers, camp gadgets and all manner of scouting projects.
  • Orienteering: Study and master the dying art of rough country navigation with Orienteering merit badge. Scouts are instructed on the proper usage of map and compass, GPS, and compass-less direction. And, when you're ready, take a stab at one of Ranachqua's challenging Orienteering courses.
  • Cooking: Delightfully prepared Dutch oven dinners, backpacking stove one-pot meals, utensil-less cooking and all other manners of survival food preparation are just the beginning with Cooking merit badge. Scouts prepare and eat their own meals over the course of the week and help Ranachqua's most delicious endeavor: The Cooking Mega Event! *PRE-REQUISITE #7 REQUIRED*
  • Wilderness Survival: Wilderness Survival merit badge informs scouts about edible plants, survival shelters, primitive water purification, and how to endure the whole spectrum worst case scenarios. All Scouts taking the badge attend the overnighter at the abandoned lean-to site Frontier Village, where they'll be let loose in forest with nothing but their survival kits and the clothes on their backs.


Camp-wide Programs:


  • Camp-wide Games: Scout Skills runs a variety of Camp Wide Games from week to week. Whether it's the Knot College, Stretcher Relay, Blindfolded Tent Setup, or the Fire-lighting race, you can expect to have a blast with us!
  • Cooking Mega EventWednesday night Scout Skills is home to the finest concentration of culinary expertise on the entire Ten Mile River reservation. Pork on rock, Turkey in the Ground, Fried Dough, Dutch Oven Pizzas, Foil Packs and more! Come on out, eat delicious food, and watch the Iron Chef Competition.
  • Overnighter: Scouts take a hike off of Camp Ranachqua's grounds, through the neighboring Family Camp, and over to the abandoned lean-to outpost Frontier Village. Camping merit badge scouts set up their own tents, Wilderness Survival merit badge scouts build their own shelters, and a great time is had by all.