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Ten Mile River offers a menu of programs similar to most Scout camps, but there are many things that make TMR the most exciting adventure for Scouts and Venturers in the Northeast. Although our camps are each independent operations with their own Camp Director and staff, they benefit from sharing each others' program highlights (i.e., COPE course, climbing towers, rock climbing facilities, motorboating, ATVs, and horseback riding) In addition, all camps operate under the umbrella of one Central Commissary, Trading Post system, Facilities Director, etc. These centralized operations all work together to deliver a great summer camp experience for the Scouts and Leaders who visit our camps each year.

Summer Camp Staff Application


The success of the scouting program would not be possible without the tireless effort invested by all the leaders at our scout camps. We would like to thank you for all the long nights and hours you volunteer to help us provide your troop with the best possible summer camp experience. Whether you're a new unit, or one that has been bounced around Ten Mile River for years, below are a few tips we would have you follow to ensure you and your scouts have the best possible time at camp. We are well aware that due to your unit's size or specific needs that it may not be possible to adhere to them all. That's fine! We recognize that Scouting is a unit-based organization and if your troop has a specific strategy for preparing for camp, great! However, if your troop is looking for a place to get started, try following these tips!

  • 1. Do your best to have your Unit arrive together on Sunday. This ensures you get into your campsite faster, through medical check-in and swim tests faster, and still have plenty of time left over to make sure everyone is ready for the week.
  • 2. Make sure that each scout and adult has a full and complete medical prior to the day you check-in to camp! This includes: doctor's signature, all relevant medical information, a copy of the individual's insurance information, any medications, etc. The unit leader should be the one carrying the medicals upon your arrival at your respective Camp.
  • 3. Check your Scouts' schedule for the week. Every Troop typically has their own method of doing this but we urge that you do it for a few reasons. First, it ensures that you already know where to find your boys during the day in the event you need to do so. Second, if you feel a scout is undertaking too little or too much during their week, see if you can help them plan a more appropriate schedule. Thrid, it makes sure that your Scouts are maximizing both their opportunities to advance and their ability to have fun!
  • 4. Attend Pre-Registration to help Sunday run even smoother! Pre-Registration always takes place on the Thursday evening prior to your week at Camp. We ask that if you wish to take advantage of pre-registration that you call ahead to make sure that the option is available for the week you are attending!
  • 5. Take advantage of our High Adventure opportunities and Outpost Programs! The Ten Mile River High Adventure and Outpost Programs are a unique opportunity available to your Troop that we are fortunate enough to be able to provide. During your stay within the Ten Mile River Scout Camps, the resources of the entire 12,000-acre reservation are at your disposal! These opportunities range from High Adventure Treks, to both Low- and Hi-COPE courses, and much more. Examine the Leader's Guide for scheduling details and other important information or CLICK HERE for more information regarding the TMR High Adventure Trek!



Whether you're returning for your 8th summer at Keowa or coming to Ranachqua for the first time, we want you to have the best time possible! Both the camp and the staff are here to help you achieve each and every goal you set for yourself in your scouting journey. Yes, we are here to help you earn rank advancements, but we also aim to make sure that you have the most fun you can imagine along the way! TMR is a place where lifelong friendships are formed through experiences other camps do not offer. If you're looking for a place to start preparing for your summer at Camp, check out the list below!

  • 1. Discuss your goals for your stay with your leaders, fellow scouts and parents. At Ten Mile River, we do our best to offer every opportunity within our power to you, the Scout. The only issue is that the day is only so long! Take some time before camp starts to plan out a schedule. Our Project LEAF and merit badge schedule will help you learn the skills necessary to continue on your journey through the ranks but, remember, schedule some time to have fun too! Open time for swimming, climbing, biking, shooting and other activities is just as important!
  • 2. Pack thoroughly! It's one thing to prepare your schedule for a week here at  Ten Mile River, but it's an entirely different adventure preparing yourself! Your activities may require some special supplies or equipment which can be found in the Leader's Guide! Lastly, don't forget, whether it's sun, rain, sleet, or snow, the programs at Ten Mile River are outdoor programs! Make sure that you're prepared for anything the weather can throw at you!
  • 3. Keep the buddy system in mind! The rules for attending any camp require you to know where your buddy is at all times! Scheduling your day with a friend makes camp more fun and ensures that everyone stays safe!
  • 4. If you see something you want your troop to do, talk to your leaders! Your opportunities at camp are not limited solely to the borders of your specific Camp. The entirety of Ten Mile River's resources are at your finger tips! Check out the experiences offered at the reservations other camps in the Leader's Guide!
  • 5. Check for and complete and Prerequisites?! Some badges have requirements that can not be completed in a week's time. For convenience, all these badges and the appropriate requirements are listed on any Prerequisites page. Check it out, and complete these in advance to maximize your potential for advancement!



Don't think we've forgotten about you! It's with the tireless support of a Scout's family that he is able to succeed in his endeavors, including those undertaken here at Ten Mile River Scout Camps! Helping to prepare your Scout for camp provides an immeasurable amount of value to the program. A Scout who is properly outfitted for camp is guaranteed to have a better time than one who is ill-prepared and the family is key in ensuring a Scout has everything he needs to complete his undertakings here at TMR. Whether it's your Scout's first time away from home or he's a TMR veteran, here are some tips and recommendations to help prepare any Scout for camp!

  • 1. Work with your Scout to come up with a weekly budget.Some badges and activities might require an additional fee to be paid. Be sure to take this into account! These are listed in the Leader's Guide and on any of the Prerequisite pages.
  • 2. Work with your Leader to ensure your Scout is ready for Medical Check-In.This means making sure your Scout's medical is comprehensive, up-to-date, and well organized before his arrival at camp. This includes making sure all sections are filled out, the medical history is accurate, any medications are ready and insurance information is attached.
  • 3. Let your Unit's Leader know if you'll be up over the course of the week. If you're planning on coming up to visit, let your leader know! They will pass this information on to us so we can be prepared for any and all guests.

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2019 Camp Keowa Merit Badge Schedule Download
2019 Camp Ranachqua Leaders Guide Download
2019 Camp Ranachqua Merit Badge Schedule Download
2019 Ten Mile River Summer Camp Brochure Download
2019 TMR Complete Leaders Guide Comprehensive guide to everything about Ten Mile River camps. Download
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